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Going out...

...with groups to the Holy Land to experience the 5th Gospel in a gentle and reflective manner, meeting and praying with the Christian Community in Jordan, Palestine and Israel: allowing pilgrims to explore for themselves the relevance of Christ's message to the world.

Bringing back...

...we are the UK importers of Cremisan wines.  We also import olive wood and embroidery from Bethlehem and distribute Zaytoun olive oil - helping to protect the livelihoods of farmers, craftsmen and women.

Speaking up...

...we hold "Bethlehem Evenings" for parishes and groups all over the UK. These informal evenings with a PowerPoint presentation of life in the Holy Land, accompanied by Palestinian food, also provide an opportunity to buy products from Bethlehem.

Everything we do is directed towards relationship with the Holy Land and its people, particularly with the Christians.


On pilgrimage we do lectio of the land - letting the land speak to us and listening to God, walking with Him in His Land.

We meet and worship with the Arab Christian community, imbued with the cultural and theological diversity of a 2,000 year old Church.  They are an inspiring witness to the power of enduring faith and hope. (Rom 5: 3-5)

Bethlehem Evenings

These are fun and tailored to the parish or group. We are based in Cornwall but happy to travel all over the country. Normally we provide a parish supper of Palestinian food, after an informal, interactive PowerPoint presentation geared to the group's interest. We bring olive oil and olive wood to sell. Any profits and all donations are taken back to Bethlehem.

We only charge for our travelling expenses and the cost of the food so that we are not out of pocket.

To book or enquire please fill out the expression of interest form or telephone 01579 340343.

Not everyone can come to the Holy Land and we import some of its delights to share; altar wine, olive wood, olive oil, za'atar; at the same time supporting the livelihoods of many families.

We are the UK importers of Cremisan wines produced by the Salesians of Don Bosco in their winery in the hills outside Bethlehem. In 1885 when they began wine production the Salesians used the proceeds to support their work for the poor - especially the education of young people - and to provide work for the local population. These are still their aims, the proceeds from wine sales now helping to support the Salesians' schools, their bakery feeding the poorest families and the artistic centre training young people to work with ceramics, olive wood and mother of pearl.

Our altar (Communion) wines are light and slightly sweet, certified by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem as pure wines for celebration of the Eucharist in accordance with Canon 924. 

By buying Cremisan altar wine in the UK, you are directly helping the people of Bethlehem to overcome the economic consequences of the fear and political bad news of recent years.

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Olive wood & craft sales

The craft of olive-wood carving has been settled in the Bethlehem region for over 400 years. There are some big factories but most of the production is in small family units, in little workshops. Often the children will join in, sitting around the kitchen table after school, threading rosary beads. All our olive wood is directly sourced in Bethlehem and some designs are made especially for us.

Colourful cross-stitch is another ancient Palestinian craft and we buy beautiful, useful embroidered items such as spectacle cases, bags, iPhone cases, purses and cushion covers from the Collective for Disabled Women near Bethlehem. They also produce wonderful silk-painted cards for us.

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Olive Oil sales

Currently we are distributing the oil imported by our Fair Trade friends Zaytoun, together with their soap. We have our own za'atar made for us in Nazareth.

We are waiting for the day when we can import our own olive oil produced by the Salesians from the hillsides at Cremisan.

Bethlehem Evenings are a great way to try and buy Palestinian wines.

Bethlehem Evenings

We are very happy to come to your parish or group to give a presentation, provide Palestinian refreshments and wine tasting as well as bringing the wines, olive wood and oil for people to buy.

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