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We believe that the real hope for peace in the Holy Land lies with people of Faith acting together, transcending the theological divisions humanity has made of the one God of the three Abrahamic Faiths.

Hope for Holy Land

We believe that the Palestinian Christians, in spite of their diminished number, have a critical role to play in the peace process in the Holy Land by forming the cultural and theological bridge between Muslims and Jews. For this reason our focus is on the Christians of Palestine and Israel and in solidarity with their lives of enduring witness to peace.

We also believe that the Christian Church must speak up and act for justice, making known the suffering perpetuated by the Israeli State's continued military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and end it for the sake of Israelis as much as for Palestinians.

Cremisan Altar Wines.

Cremisan Altar Wines

The two altar wines produced by Cremisan are both certified by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for celebration of the Eucharist. This means that they are pure wines produced in accordance with the Code of Canon Law .

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