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5th Gospel Retreats is a non-profit organisation owned by Della Shenton, who is an active member of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. 

Our mission, with all people of Faith, is to pray and work for Peace in the Holy Land. We are inspired and constantly renewed by the Spirit of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, the Light and Hope of the world. We invite you to share our reflective spiritual experience of the Holy Land and to join the growing network of care and support for the Christian Community in Bethlehem, the West Bank and Israel.

Our pilgrimages are spiritually influenced by the Benedictines at Ampleforth and Worth, giving weight to a life of prayer, hospitality and lectio divina "bringing together the book of the Word and the book of our own experience"  Michael Casey OCSO.  

Della studied Anthropology at SOAS London; Spirituality and Theology at Cambridge; at Heythrop College and St Mary's Strawberry Hill, and has a Master's Degree in Pastoral Theology.

Bethlehem Evenings are a great way to try and buy Palestinian wines.

Bethlehem Evenings

We are very happy to come to your parish or group to give a presentation, provide Palestinian refreshments and wine tasting as well as bringing the wines, olive wood and oil for people to buy.

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