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"Pamper Them"

Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2011
You may remember that a year ago we began collecting donations for the children's home in Bethlehem to provide the £4,500 needed to keep the children in disposable nappies for a year.  You have done it!  From pilgrims and parishes you have raised the money with unbelievable generosity. THANK YOU on behalf of Mother Pia and the children THANK YOU !

New Messa White altar wine has arrived

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2011
The new shipment has been delivered into the warehouse and is ready for distribution.  The Messa Red will not be here until the Spring.  Church Market Place members please email us to place orders.  Thank you!


Posted on Saturday, December 10, 2011
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Update: Messa wine stock

Posted on Friday, December 02, 2011
News from Felixtowe - the container with pallets of white Messa is currently clearing through customs and we expect the wine to be available for distribution from 12 December onwards. Red Messa is out of stock and unfortunately we cannot get any more until the Spring. However, please feel free to place a forward order.  Many thanks.

Thank you Jordan!

Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011
We have just returned from our first pilgrimage including the Holy Land of Jordan and we cannot recommend the addition highly enough.  It takes us from Moses to Jesus through to the life of the earliest Christian communities of the Decapolis. Please contact us for further information on pilgrimages in 2012.
Bethlehem Evenings are a great way to try and buy Palestinian wines.

Bethlehem Evenings

We are very happy to come to your parish or group to give a presentation, provide Palestinian refreshments and wine tasting as well as bringing the wines, olive wood and oil for people to buy.

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