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5th Gospel Retreats

Della Shenton

Director, founder and owner of 5th Gospel Retreats; pilgrimage director and leader.

helped by a passionately committed team



Administration: pilgrimages and wine


(We all have CRB Enhanced Disclosure certificates)


Former Nurse and Health Visitor, assists on pilgrimages and with their preparation; also with Bethlehem Evenings and sales of olive wood. 5gr Pilgrim 2009, 2011, 2013

Mary Hawke and Julia Partenheimer

Mary and Julia 

Two sisters full of fun, both nurses specialising in the care of pilgrims with special needs and help with running Bethlehem Evenings.  5gr Pilgrims 2011, 2013.

Rev Gilmour McDermott

Rev Gilmour McDermott

5th Gospel's Spiritual Director and a Holy Land chaplain for over 20 years. 5gr Chaplain 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014.  

Working together in Jordan

George Sweiss

George Sweiss

Our permanent Christian guide, JTGA Member since 1997 - everything a guide needs to be with great biblical knowledge and love of Jordan's Christian heritage, taking care of pilgrims at every step.

Shadi Hawaneh with Della

Shadi Hawaneh and Shepherds Tours

Everything to do with transport, appointments, meeting & greeting, border crossings and practical details.

Working together in Palestine/Israel.

Karim and Laure Jubran

A Christian company supplying first-class transport and a superb service.

Roni and Carol Tabash

Young Christian ambassadors arranging our Mass bookings and on hand with any personal practical assistance pilgrims need.

5th Gospel Retreats assisted by

Lawyers - Tozers Solicitors LLP, Exeter - specialising in Travel Law

Insurers - Towergate Insurance independent brokers providing tour operators' liability insurance 

Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors - Bennett Jones & Co, Bodmin - our accountants and auditors.

Damian Ivereigh Technical, Financial and Business Launtel

Bethlehem Evenings are a great way to try and buy Palestinian wines.

Bethlehem Evenings

We are very happy to come to your parish or group to give a presentation, provide Palestinian refreshments and wine tasting as well as bringing the wines, olive wood and oil for people to buy.

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