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Della ShentonDella Shenton lives and works in Cornwall (UK) and in 2005, after a gap of ten years, Della returned to Bethlehem to learn from Palestinian Christians what they most wanted the world to hear. "Please do not abandon us, we feel terribly alone"  was the unanimous answer. See Della's article "Go now to Bethlehem" published in The Tablet.

Later, in his Christmas homily 2005, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor warned that Bethlehem was being economically strangled and issued a plea for Christians to visit, see "Cardinal issues SOS for Bethlehem" and a few months later, Della set up 5th Gospel Retreats. She drew on the unstintingly generous help, wisdom and insights of her many friends and experienced contacts in the Holy Land, the UK and the USA. In 2008 Open Bethlehem awarded her a symbolic Bethlehem Passport presented by the Parish Priest of Bethlehem, Fr Samuel, OFM. Follow the links for a piece about 5th Gospel Retreats published by Bethlehem University and an article (see below) by Austen Ivereigh America Magazine.

Bethlehem America Bethlehem America (298 KB)

Bethlehem Evenings are a great way to try and buy Palestinian wines.

Bethlehem Evenings

We are very happy to come to your parish or group to give a presentation, provide Palestinian refreshments and wine tasting as well as bringing the wines, olive wood and oil for people to buy.

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