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  • Messa White (12)

    Messa White (12)

    2014 White Altar Wine from Bethlehem
    £102.00 QTY

    New Messa white altar wine shipment arrived June 2015

    Messa white – a gentle, honey-sweet and amber-coloured wine, blending local Holy Land grapes and late-harvested Riesling grapes from the Mediterranean plains west of Jerusalem.

    Cremisan Altar (Communion) Wines are certified by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for celebration of the Eucharist. They are pure wines produced in accordance with the Code of Canon Law 1983  “For validity, the wine used at Mass must be made from the fruit of the vine, natural and pure, unmixed with anything else" Canon 924.

    Messa is pure wine: not fortified with spirit.  11.5% vol

    The minimum order is 24 bottles (two cases) packed in boxes of 6 bottles each.

    Price per case of 12 bottles Net £85 + VAT @ 20%

    Total £102.00 plus delivery

    The main work of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Holy Land is the education of poor children: the production and sale of their Cremisan wines directly supports this vital work.

    Cart prices include VAT @ 20% where applicable.
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